Praying Angel
Praying Angel
Praying Angel
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Praying Angel

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Praying Woodland Angel.

An exquisite Praying Angel, that has a Woodland theme.

She has gathered all the Woodland creatures together, it is Spring time and today they pray for the Summer to be long and happy, she looks down at them with her delicate features, she has put her new Spring dress on, a creamy colour, the cuffs are decorated with a leaf and berry design and at the bottom a branch of leaves and acorns, she puts the simplest of leaf necklace’s on.  This matches her beautiful wings of Holly leaves and berries.  She puts her hands together and the Woodland creatures follow suit, this will be a good summer.

For that added glamour she is covered in Christmas sparkle.  She would not look out of place to be in you home all year round.

Product Code 101038

material Resin

Approximate Dimensions 30cm x 11cm

This item is sold individually 

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